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The ESP seat featuring Paul Smith Material

Chameleon have collaborated with Flying Service, a UK aircraft seat manufacturer, to create ESP.

Flying Service have been producing aircraft seats for over 50 years for all types of aircraft.

The aircraft seat which converts from a standard economy seat into a lounge type seat allows passengers a greater comfort zone and is ideal for adults traveling with children as the seat enables sleeping or relaxing positions.

Chameleon created the name, brand and overall athestics of the seat and selected material designed by iconic British designer Sir Paul Smith for the seat covers, the subtle pinstripes and larger use of coloured stripes add dimension and emphasise the extended seat area plus the addition of the ESP Designer Class option allows airlines to create a new area class inside the cabin.

The ESP Designer Class seat is the first in a range that could feature established and new designers to the aviation sector.

The ESP seat can generate considerable new revenue for airlines by utilising unsold seats on flights allowing passengers to book the seats or the seat can be used as an upgrade or part of a loyalty program.

The simplicity of design and engineering allows the seat to convert into a lounger in 24 seconds and can be done by passengers so no crew involvement is required

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